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Sharing Jesus, making disciples of Him, and teaching Biblical truth with a commitment to the gospel and living a restored life together. This is the Restoration Church Podcast! Learn more about our organic, missional church in the Chicago area at,

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    The Gift of Peace // Luke 2:8-20

    The gospel is the recovery of 'shalom' in the midst of a fallen & chaotic world - the good news that peace has come to earth!

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    The Hope of Christmas // Luke 1:67-80

    In our suffering and unfulfilled longings is how we discover what hope really looks like. The promise of hope is why we celebrate Christmas.

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    Receiving the Gift of Christmas // Luke 1:39-56

    "A blessing is a gift from God that is far greater, more satisfying, and outlasts any material gift you could ever receive. That is the true gift of Christmas."

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    The Kingdom is Here // Luke 4:14-21

    "There is no need for a Messiah or Kingdom of God because we have created our own kingdoms with us at the center."

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    Our Story of Origin // Genesis 1 & 3

    "In order to understand and to make sense of the world in which we live, we must first be introduced to and know our story of origin."

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    "What's Next?"

    We're back with a new format! Get the latest update on Restoration Church from Pastor Matt.

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    Episode 22: Gospel Revelation

    After a few weeks of break, we are back to update you on the latest in the world of Restoration Lake Zurich! We also have for you the latest sermon from Pastor Matt in our first sermon series. Today's sermon is about Gospel Revelation and comes out of Galatians 1:11-24.

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    Episode 21: Transformational Power of the Gospel

    Today we have a sermon on the transformational power of the Gospel and how Jesus restores sinners from Pastor Matt Till. We are all sick and cannot heal ourselves! A great example of this truth is the found in the book of Mark, chapter 2 where Pastor Matt is teaching out of in this sermon.

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    Episode 20: Building a new Community

    Today on the Restoration Podcast we talk about society, where we build community, and how we want to build our community at Restoration Church!

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    Episode 19: Radical Ch 7 & 8

    Today we continue our study in the book Radical, by David Platt and we talk about the urgent mission of the Church.

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    Episode 17:Wealth & Christianity

    Today we discuss one of the most controversial topics in Christianity, money and wealth... and how it shapes us and our churches.

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    Episode 15: To the Ends of the Earth, Part 1

    Today we get something a little different; a sermon from Pastor Matt on our Kingdom Mandate, something that is shaping our Church from the ground up.

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    Bonus Episode: Exponential 2018 Recap

    We have a second bonus episode with a very special guest! Matt and Mary Till talk about Exponential and the future of our Church. Enjoy!

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    Episode 14: Radical Chapter 5

    We're back and we're talking about Radical! Today we are going over Chapter 5. Are you ready for this?

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    Episode 13: Restoration Stories 2

    Today on the Restoration Church Podcast, we are mixing things up a bit! We will be hearing another Restoration Story on how Jesus changed the life of our very own host, Jose Castaneda.

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    Episode 12: Radical Chapter 4

    Today we continue our Study on Radical and go onto Chapter 4 and keep talking about the suburbs! (Go figure)

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    Episode 11: Radical Chapter 3

    Today on RCP we continue discussing David Platt's Radical and how this applies to our Church, our community, and the American Church at large.

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    Episode 10: Restoration Stories 1

    Today we take a break from our Radical book study to do something a little bit different! We will be hearing stories of Jesus's work in our lives, starting with none other than Pastor Matt.

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    Episode 9: Radical Chapter 2

    On episode 9 of RCP, we continue on our study through the book Radical by David Platt. Today we talk about if God's word really is enough for us.

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    Episode 8: Radical Chapter 1

    This episode of the Restoration Podcast we dive into our first book study and talk about the first chapter of Radical by David Platt.

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    Episode 7: Loving Our Community

    On the 7th episode of the RC Podcast we talk about Lake Zurich, what our town feels like, and how we can love our community well.

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    Episode 5 - Core Value: Bold Faith

    We continue our series on the core values of Restoration Church with Bold Faith! We also talk a little bit about new years resolutions.

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    Episode 4 - Core Value: Abundant Generosity

    Episode four continues our series on the core values of our church! Today we chat a couple recent movies we've seen and continue our core values discussion, more specifically we talk about Gospel motivated Abundant Generosity.

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    Episode 2 - A Seat at the Table

    Episode 2 of the Restoration Church Podcast is all about who we would invite to our dinner table. Really pastor Matt? Intro Music by

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    Episode 1 - Why Open a New Church?

    Episode 1 of the Restoration Church Podcast is all about why start a new church? Especially in the suburbs! Intro Music by

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