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Sharing Jesus, making disciples of Him, and teaching Biblical truth with a commitment to the gospel and living a restored life together. This is the Restoration Church Podcast! Learn more about our organic, missional church in the Chicago area at,

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    The Kingdom is Here // Luke 4:14-21

    "There is no need for a Messiah or Kingdom of God because we have created our own kingdoms with us at the center."

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    Our Story of Origin // Genesis 1 & 3

    "In order to understand and to make sense of the world in which we live, we must first be introduced to and know our story of origin."

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    "What's Next?"

    We're back with a new format! Get the latest update on Restoration Church from Pastor Matt.

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    Episode 22: Gospel Revelation

    After a few weeks of break, we are back to update you on the latest in the world of Restoration Lake Zurich! We also have for you the latest sermon from Pastor Matt in our first sermon series. Today's sermon is about Gospel Revelation and comes out of Galatians 1:11-24.

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    Episode 21: Transformational Power of the Gospel

    Today we have a sermon on the transformational power of the Gospel and how Jesus restores sinners from Pastor Matt Till. We are all sick and cannot heal ourselves! A great example of this truth is the found in the book of Mark, chapter 2 where Pastor Matt is teaching out of in this sermon.

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    Episode 20: Building a new Community

    Today on the Restoration Podcast we talk about society, where we build community, and how we want to build our community at Restoration Church!

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